Cherry Grove Pier

Cherry Grove Pier

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where to start....

....Its 10:30 and both of my men (my husband and son) are sleeping. I am up with my head spinning of ideas, fabrics, my birthday ( I will be 27 in less than one month- I wanted to stop at age 25---30 scares the crap out of me), sinus issues, and a millon other things---like always. I have a silent house now so I will blog about whats on my mind....... I am a stay at home mom so I have all day to think about everything. I love to sew. I started out sewing my barbie clothes, made some things here and there, made my first dress about three years ago, made some bathing suits, and now I make children's clothes and adult dresses. I love love love picking out fabrics and making cute dresses!!! I feel that I am stuck now...I have the passion and drive to make these things but I feel that there is so so so so much more to know about sewing and designing. So I have the thought of fashion school, sewing classes, internship, or do I just learn on my own??? I hope to figure it out soon, I learn more everyday with every peice I make. Good Night...

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