Cherry Grove Pier

Cherry Grove Pier

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where to start....

....Its 10:30 and both of my men (my husband and son) are sleeping. I am up with my head spinning of ideas, fabrics, my birthday ( I will be 27 in less than one month- I wanted to stop at age 25---30 scares the crap out of me), sinus issues, and a millon other things---like always. I have a silent house now so I will blog about whats on my mind....... I am a stay at home mom so I have all day to think about everything. I love to sew. I started out sewing my barbie clothes, made some things here and there, made my first dress about three years ago, made some bathing suits, and now I make children's clothes and adult dresses. I love love love picking out fabrics and making cute dresses!!! I feel that I am stuck now...I have the passion and drive to make these things but I feel that there is so so so so much more to know about sewing and designing. So I have the thought of fashion school, sewing classes, internship, or do I just learn on my own??? I hope to figure it out soon, I learn more everyday with every peice I make. Good Night...

Friday, January 28, 2011

It is Friday...

This has been a quiet Friday. I worked everyday and night on orders for the past week. Shipped them off yesterday! So today I guess my body is catching up with me. I am sooo tired! Bedtime could not come fast enough! So what is for dinner??? I know my hubby will be asking me that soon. I do not know. A PBJ would make a fabulous dinner! I know I should be the best housewife and have my man some meat and potatoes for dinner but not tonight! Braylon has swimming lessons again tomorrow. This is his third lesson. He is doing so good! But it really tears my nerves up! He is only three and weighs 29 lbs! Keep in mind, Neither Jonathan or I can be in the pool with him, it is him, two other kids and the instructor. I know, I know You have to let him grow up....Fear Not! I will be acting the same way when he puts that football helmet on for the first time, when he is up to bat, and when we are waiting for the NBA to call his name....Yeah its tough being a mom because of all the emotions but it is the BEST thing in the world to be! I love you my son! So happy and honored to be your mom!

Sun Tea Boutique

A Little About My Business And How It Started!
1) Sun Tea Boutique formerly known as Little Dreamer's Boutique
2) Founded In August 2010
3) Inspired By My Family and Friends
4) Currently Make Custom Clothing and Accessories for Girls and Boys
5) I DREAM of Owning My Own Clothing Line